Monday, January 29, 2007

Move: lessons learned

  • It is difficult to find estimate online how much will move cost you
  • Shipping companies prefer Full Cargo Load (FCL). For 6 foot container (content of 3 bedroom house excluding vehicles, cca. 30 cubic meters) will cost you about NZD 14,000 to Belgrade. I assume most of other destinations will be bit cheaper (20,000+ km by sea and 800 km by truck component).
  • You can't deal directly with shipping companies, so you have to go through agents

Description: Sedan 4dr Auto 4sp 2.0i
Red Book Code: FORD05AQ

Condition: Good
Kilometres: 15,000
Trade-in Price: $14,800
Private Sale Price: $19,500

  • It is much easier to sell Toyota than Ford
  • Dealers generally add 30 to 35% markup on vehicles (could be more) – you are much better off buying privately and selling privately and getting mechanical breakdown insurance (NZD 800 for 3 years if you shop around).
  • If you sell car within 6 months of purchase you virtually paid off nothing after adding booking fees, insurance and interest which is high in beginning. Don’t buy expensive car if you plan to sell it in few months – rather buy something cheaper to minimize your loss.
  • If you are selling car on Trademe put it on auction (other option is just an advert). Unless you are selling vintage car almost nobody bids online. Having closing time for auction will prompt buyers to contact you. If auction expires (price to high) you can restart it within 14 days at no cost. IMHO it is worth putting start price same as reserve as rarely anyone does this – it makes it easier for buyer.
  • One way tickets can be almost half of price contrary to popular belief that they are not much cheaper.

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