Friday, April 25, 2008

Yet another elections in Serbia

It is hardly news that there are new elections in Serbia (Dog bites a man) . This time it is parliamentary elections on 11th May.

Uncertainty is exhausting and as a consequence you become insensitive to outcomes. Radical government looks quite likely this time and it doesn’t look anyone is too phased. Rumor has it that Radical leader Tomislav Nikolic, two times Prime Minister and most likely post election coalition partner in crime Vojislav Kostunica met with key tycoons (Miroslav Miskovic and others). This is to ensure smooth transition to new reality – Serbia paddling back from EU led by party whose chief Vojislav Seselj is indicted for war crimes in Hague.

I’m sure tycoons would not mind, their initial wealth was created in murky 90ies waters of war and isolation.

Previously I used to be mad at pōpulum for making idiotic choices. Now I feel sorry for their addiction to collective social nationalist ideology. 45 year communist rule, followed by 11 years of Slobodan Milosevic and 8 years of corrupted, power hungry “democrats” is not much of a training ground for rational decision making at ballot box.
Serbia desperately needs effective left party. It is certainly not Milosevic’s Socialist Party of Serbia . Democratic Party does little to appease masses in need of at least symbolic social justice. Instead vote of underprivileged goes to Radicals and Socialists. Sure, this society is in need of liberal economy, but can you please stop protecting only interests of local big capital if you want to carry that Social Democrats badge.

It is strange relationship you have towards people in power in Serbia. You voluntarily surrender levers of your life control and feel how everything hinges on next election result. This is of course would be nonsense in normal country (life goes on) but these guys have pretty amazing record (see page 2. of this report and notice 1989-1993 period).

Anyway, I decided to start a my business blog with subjects too dull for readers of this blog.

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